10 Good Places to Hide Easter Bunny Eggs in your Regina House

Kids mostly look forward to two things during Easter; waking up to receive a basket full of treats and hunting for more treats in family’s Easter egg hunt.

As parents, we have to look for new hiding spots every year to keep Easter egg hunting more exciting and less predictable. Whether you live in a condo, apartment, a landlord or a tenant, there are creative places you can hide the Easter eggs in your house.

1. Stuffed Toys

If your kids have a load of stuffed animals, you can go creative with it; they will never see it coming. If you live in an apartment and no space to hide your Easter eggs outside the lawn; you can improvise using your kids’ toys as a great place to hide the eggs. The look on their faces when they realized the eggs have been closer to them than they think would be priceless!
Easter Eggs Hiding with a Stuffed Animal

2. Mailbox

You don’t need to worry about receiving mails; Easter falls on Sunday so there will be no incoming mail for that day. You can use the opportunity to hide some eggs there, after clearing up the Saturday’s mails. After the egg hunt, your kids will never look the mailbox the same way again.
A Little Girl Bunny out Hunting Easter Eggs in Regina, Saskatchewan

3. Garden

For those who have a garden on their property, you can hide eggs in the flower bed; it will be difficult to find especially when the flowers have sprung.
Easter Eggs in the Garden of Regina

4. Shoes

Just like the stuffed toys, if you have a pile of shoes it is a great hiding spot for your Easter eggs. It will be difficult to locate the eggs when you have younger kids.
Spring Shoes in Regina

5. Toilet Paper Holder

Slip an egg into the toilet paper roll; nobody will see it coming; sometimes the best place to hide stuff is where no one will ever think of checking. Hiding your Easter eggs inside the toilet paper holder is perfect; the kids will overlook it, and that’s the fun of it.
A Girl Holding an Easter Basket Ready for an Easter Egg Hunt

6. Inside a Fruit Basket

For this to work, the egg color should blend with the fruits in the basket. Hiding the Easter eggs inside the fruit baskets is just too perfect and unpredictable.
Easter Eggs in a Fruit Basket

7. Lampshade

Replace the light bulb in the lamp with an Easter egg, but ensure you unplug the lamp before hiding your Easter egg.
Easter Egg in a Lampshade

8. In a Cereal Box

Unless you are planning on having cereal for breakfast, you can drop an egg in a cereal box for a really challenging hiding spot; your children will probably spend all day searching for the last egg.
Breakfast Cereal

9. On Top of a Car Tire

If you have bigger kids and feel you’ve exhausted your ideas of hiding the Easter egg, hiding the treats on top of a car tire can come in handy. However, ensure the car is parked somewhere safe where there will be no threats from other cars.
Easter Egg in an Old Tire

10. Underneath the Steps

It is another excellent way for hiding the Easter egg; it is unpredictable and suitable for all ages.
Dogs and their Easter Basket
Remember Easter is suppose to be fun. Find some great spots to hide those eggs and get your kids thinking. If you hide as many eggs as my family does don’t forget to write down the different places you have hidden the eggs, just in case you forget where you hide them all. You don’t want to have hidden chocolates melting over the summer!