10 Ways to Conserve Energy for Condominium Owners:

Here are 10 helpful energy saving tips for all condominium owners.

1. Consider low wattage light bulbs and fluorescent lighting.
2. Repair leaking faucets by installing new washers.
3. Install a light dimmer – an incandescent light dimmed by 25% can save 10% on energy use and extend the life of the bulb.
4. Consider the use of a low flow toilet as these can reduce flow by up to 12 litres per flush.
5. Move your refrigerator out from the wall, and vacuum once a year to maximize performance.
6. Wait for a full load of laundry and wash in cold water whenever possible.
7. Make sure that in electric ranges and ovens that over seals are kept clean and properly fitted.
8. Clean the lint filter of the dryer after every use. A clogged lint filter increases drying time.
9. Do not overload your dishwasher.
10. Clean or, when necessary, replace the filter in the range hood above your stove. Grease build-up can create hazards.