5 Decorating Ideas for your Regina House on Valentine’s Day

The festive season is over, and you are running out of ideas on how to decorate your home for Valentine’s Day. If you don’t want to be the odd one out in Saskatchewan, this article is just what you need to bring out the romantic groove in your home.

There are so many do-it-yourself Valentine’s Day house decorations you can do this Valentine season. Whether you are a landlord or tenant, living in a condo, apartment or a house in Regina, this article will show you how to decorate your Regina house on Valentine’s Day.

However, before we proceed, make sure you know Valentine’s Day colors; red, pink, and of course white are the dominant Valentine colors (if not the only colors). Whatever craft you are using this Valentine should be in these colors.

Valentine’s Day Wreath

The first thing anyone will see, is your door, so it is okay to start with your the entrance. Get a lovely Valentine’s Day wreath for your door.

Flowered Wreath for a Valentines Day Celebration

A Valentine’s Day White Tree for your Sitting Room

There different beautiful Valentine’s Day White tree you can use to dive into the Valentine’s Day mood. The beauty of these trees is, you can use some of them even after the Valentine’s Day. You can also use the opportunity to gather your family together and share beautiful memories (maybe look at old photo albums).

Heart Shaped Tree

Pastel Heart Strings and Strings of Heart Garland of Oversized Stamped Hearts

Pastel heartstrings are beautiful, and will definitely turn your apartment into a warm fuzzy Valentine’s Day room. The great thing about the pastel heartstrings is, it can be used in any part of your house; your little girl’s room, kitchen, dining room, etc. anywhere! Making strings of heart garland is one way to get the kids involved and excited about decorating their rooms. You can use this design for your baby shower or baby room.

Garland of Hearts on Valentines Day

Jars of Pink, White and Red Candies

Your Regina condo, apartment, etc. will look perfect and sweet with jars of red, pink and white candies. It adds beauty to your room, and it’s also a way of welcoming people to your home. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love free candies?

Valentines Day Candies in Saskatchewan

Valentine’s Helium Balloons

If you are looking for ways to surprise your partner, valentine’s balloon will do the trick. It is simple and yet magical, especially when they hover over the bed. You can also spice things up with red, white and pink pillowcases and bedspreads. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to give your bedroom a makeover; change the pillowcases and bed covers to Valentine’s Day inspired colors.

Helium Balloons on Valentines Day

Get Romantic Dining Room Lanterns for Valentine’s Day

If you are hosting friends and family on Valentine’s Day, romantic dining room lanterns are a sure way to go. The lanterns will be a surprise to your loved ones, get them and it’s also a way of enjoying the memorable moment with your partner.

Romantic Candles on Valentines Day in Regina

The above decors will turn your apartment into a beautiful place to live in and get you ready for the big day. Try it, and thank me later.