5 Easy Ways to Keep your Yard Clean from the Fall Foliage

As beautiful as autumn is with insanely colourful trees and cozy homes for family gatherings, what most people dread about this season, is the inevitable cleanup associated with the falling leaves.

Leaves on the Pavement

Taking care of your yard during September, October and November doesn’t have to be the back breaking, blistering hand work you first imagined. With the right mindset and tools you can have your grass looking spick and span in no time. Here are 5 simple ways to keep your property yard clean from that fall foliage:

1. Use a Lawnmower:

In the spring and summer months, cutting the lawn was simply to keep the grass length at bay. Now your lawnmower has a dual purpose; not only are you cutting that grass and keeping it perfectly manicured but for the sparse coating of leaves on your yard you are also grinding them down to a pulp and scooping them up into that grass bag. Can I get a hooray for killing two birds with one stone!

Lawnmower Cleaning the Yard

2. Invest in a Big Rake:

Sometimes the best way to clean up that thick coating of fall leaves in your yard is by doing nothing less than some good old grunt work. Having said this, nobody likes to spend hours upon hours simply cleaning up their yard. Save your time by investing in a larger rake to cover more surface area in one fell swoop. You will have the backyard raked clean in no time!

A Wide Rake for the Yard

3. Get a Leaf Blower:

What better way to shoo those dead leave away than by powering up the good old hand held leaf blower and giving them a blast of wind out of your yard. Skip out on the back breaking raking job and invest in a more mechanical means of leaf cleanup. If you’re not sold on the handy dandy leaf blower yet then maybe the fact that you will look like one of the Ghostbusters might! And just in time for Halloween no less.

Leaf Blower to Clean the Property in the Fall

4. Seek the Kids Help:

Raking leaves is the ideal chore for your kids. It easy to learn, safe and it gets them active and outside. Start your kids off with a rake and some gloves and let them teach themselves the old fashion way; by trial and error after all it shouldn’t matter how they decide to clean the yard as long as it gets done! If you don’t have kids keep your eyes peeled for some local sports clubs looking to do fundraisers and raise a few extra bucks.

Child in the Fall Leaves

5. Lay out a Tarp:

One clever way to make leave collecting quick and painless is by unfolding a tarp and laying it down on your lawn. In doing this, you can easily rake and collect the leaves onto the tarp without needing to hunch over and pick up pile after pile of fallen leaves. Once you’re done grab a friend and make quick work of putting them in a bag for a curbside collection. Fall cleanup has never been this easy!

Raking Leaves onto a Tarp

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year but with that beauty comes a little yard cleanup. Make sure to keep on top of collecting those leaves so that your property can stay tidy and certainly do not let those leave mould and overwinter on your lawn as they can be harmful to your grass.

From the folks at Kodiak Properties; happy leave collecting everyone!