5 Helpful Tips To Avoid Painful Resident Move Outs

Recently, news of a Calgary couple who rented their home using the website Airbnb, where private residences can be rented out by their owners to those who are typically vacationing, saw their home trashed with over $150,000 in damages.

When the owner discovered what was happening, she called the police on April 27th, 2015 and requested the renters be removed and criminal charges were laid.

This is a worse case scenario of renting a home even though all paperwork and references checked out and deposits paid in full. But from a long-term property management’s perspective, this could be a worst nightmare come true.

Let’s be honest, tenants move out. Reasons are varied from due to personal circumstances such as break-ups, divorce, loss of job, change of job, etc. but for a property management company, it is a reality. Here are 5 helpful tips to avoid painful resident move outs and ones Kodiak Properties stands by. We like to work with each tenant to ensure that security deposits are returned in full and that properties are left clean and undamaged and ready for the next tenant.

  1. Communicate Right From Day One.

The move out process should be discussed at ‘move in’ to ensure that move out is not a shock. Team members should go over all unit policies stated in their contract so no questions are left unanswered. Clearly discuss the tenant’s rights and responsibilities.

  1. Use a Cleaning Check List.

We encourage all our property managers to walk through the units with the tenants at both the move-in and move-out days. Discuss openly items that basic cleaning cannot fix and determine what is billable or not. Have the tenant sign the checklist once the walk through is over.

  1. Take Video or Pictures.

Take video or pictures of the unit before the tenants move in to ensure damages are properly documented.

  1. Be Open. Be Honest.

The best practice is to ask for feedback at every step of the experience. This includes the leasing process, at move-in, during maintenance visits, and especially during move-out. Openness to feedback throughout a tenant’s entire residency is critical for securing online reputation.

  1. Provide a List of Vendors You Recommend

Chances are your residents will want a little help moving out of their apartment home. By providing a list of mover referrals of companies that frequently come to your specific building is just one more way to ensure a smooth transition for everyone involved.