5 Inexpensive Ways to Attract New Tenants

Keys with HandsSometimes, enticing new people can be as simple as showing them respect and making them feel good. As you try to attract new people to your rental property, that is definitely something to consider. You may want to refer to prospective renters as residents rather than tenants. Residents has a nicer sound to it as sometimes the term tenant carries a negative connotation or makes people feel like they are less than people who own a home rather than rent it.

Another way to ensure a resident feels that you will treat them well is to dress nicely and speak politely. If you go and show a rental wearing sweat pants they may get a poor impression of you. You want to present yourself as a professional who will take care of their needs while they are at your property.

Show a home that is finished

If you are doing some renovations and upgrades, wait until they are done to show the place to prospective renters. It can be hard to imagine what something will look like when it is finished so it is best to actually show it in a finished and clean state. You may lose prospective renters if you show them a place that is undergoing repairs. Once the renovations are done ensure that you clean the place properly so that it is clean and presentable before you take people in to view it.

Sell the area’s amenities

When people are looking for a place to live they look at more than just the dwelling. They want to know if the things they need are close by and what the aSwimming Poolrea has to offer. It is important that you know the neighbourhood and know what kinds of things your renters would be interested in.
Do they have children who may want a park nearby? Are they older and want a quieter neighbourhood? The more information you can give them about the neighbourhood and what is available nearby, the better. Know what is available for parks, grocery stores, convenience stores and other such things.

Hold an open house

Sometimes it is hard to keep scheduled appointments when they are scattered throughout a day and you have to be running back and forth. It can also be difficult for some people to make it at a specified time. If you hold an open house you may be able to show the property to several prospective residents on the same day. This allows people to just drop in and the benefit for you is if you get people coming at the same time, they may see that it is a hot property at a good deal and jump at the chance to get in right away before someone else snatches it up.

Make the exterior attractive

It is not very expensive to do a little bit of landscaping that will make the property look well-maintained and inviting. Make a front flower bed, put out potted flowers, or put in some landscaping rocks. Make sure the lawn is cut and that the yard is neat and tidy.

Be available

Prospective renters may have questions or concerns and they want to be able to send you a quick email or text message and have them answered right away. If you are really busy and have more than one rental property or your job prevents you from being available, you may want to consider speaking to property management professionals. Kodiak Property Management Ltd. in Regina, Saskatchewan has a team of professionals that can help you manage your property and get the most out of the property investment experience.