5 Reasons People Move to Regina

Regina, the second largest city in Saskatchewan, is often called the Queen city. Regina is Latin for the word “Queen” and it is Saskatchewan’s capital city serving as the cultural and commercial center of Southern Saskatchewan.
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Many people look at moving to Saskatchewan because of the high quality of life and the low cost of living compared with other provinces in Canada. The population and economic growth in Regina and surrounding area has been steady and many people are choosing to move there to enjoy the benefits of higher income with a lower cost of living.

Owning a home in Regina is affordable though some choose to rent an apartment or condominium to start out with. It is nice to get settled in a new city and explore the neighborhoods while renting before making a permanent decision to purchase a home.


Saskatchewan’s provincial sales tax is one of the lowest rates in the country at 6%. Though some people do not really notice taxes on a day to day basis, if you move from the East where salaries are low and taxes are high, you really notice the savings.Farm Land

Work Commutes

Regina is a city but not as large as some. You can get from most places to anywhere else in the city in 20 minutes. This not only saves time but it is another money saving bonus when you are not commuting a great distance to be able to get to and from work.


With a resource based economy, there are many job opportunities. Regina is one of the main producers of potash, oil, and gas. Other important industries in Regina and surrounding area are agriculture, steel, and mining. SaskPower and SaskEnergy also have head offices in the city.

Amenities and Activities

Regina, being a city of about 205, 000, offers everything you need. There is no need to go elsewhere for shopping or entertainment as it is all at your back door. Regina has many highlights including the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, Government House, Wascana Centre, and the Science Centre.Top of Houses

There are events throughout the year to celebrate various holidays and festivals. Mosaic is a large multicultural festival and Bazzar is an arts and crafts fair.

Moving to Regina also means that you will be able to watch the Saskatchewan Roughriders CFL team at Mosaic Stadium. There is no better experience for a sports fan than to be in the stadium when the green and white play.

If you are considering a move to Regina and looking for some housing options, contact the professionals at Kodiak Property Management to help find the perfect place for you.