The Benefits of Property Management

Owning commercial or residential property is a big investment of time and money. Employing the services of a property management group is a great way to protect both of your investments. If you’re not sure about using a property management group to help you manage your properties, consider these benefits:

Long-term, quality tenants

A property management group can connect you and your properties with qualified, responsible tenants. Our screening process ensures your tenants have a great renting history. This can help create a strong community of tenants that care about your property, resulting in less damage and delinquent payments, and more long-term tenants. With less tenant turnover, s units aren’t sitting empty, costing you money. We are also well-versed in tenant conflict resolution to ensure any tenant problems (or problem tenants) are resolved quickly, legally and amicably.

Peace of mind, without a piece of your time

The maintenance and administration duties involved with owning a property are detailed and numerous. A property management group will shoulder this load for you, while keeping you in the loop on everything going on with your property. We take care of rent collection, general maintenance of the property, repair calls, tenant issues and much more. We also deal with all sub-contractors and vendors to ensure all the work and maintenance done on your property is done right and is competitively priced, saving you money and protecting your investment. Our professional team ensures there are eyes and ears on your property 24/7, making sure all issues are proactively dealt with before they become problems. The result is happy tenants and well-maintained properties that retain their value.

At Kodiak we pride ourselves in creating the best experience possible for both our property owners and renters. We hold ourselves to the highest of standards and we know our success can only come from treating your properties like our own – we are professional, experienced and uncompromising when it comes to quality and care. Contact us today and let our team show you the real difference a property management team can make for you and your properties.