Best Balcony Flowers

It’s hot out and you have the itch to put in a garden. There’s one hitch though, you live in a condo! But wait…you have a balcony and that is a perfect place to grow a flower garden.

Here are the easiest, carefree flowers to grow on your balcony:


This multi-colored flower is versatile and can be planted in the window boxes and in large pots and hanging baskets.


These beauties thrive in shade. So your balcony or terrace is a perfect place to grow impatients.


A gardener’s favourite because they bloom beautifully and quickly. They also grow well in hanging baskets and in containers.


These easy flowers just need a lot of sunlight and water and will bloom bright, multi-colored flowers of pink, red, purple or white colors.


Begonias are ideal for shady balconies and can also be grown in hanging baskets. Their main requirement is moist and fertile soil.


It is a beautiful container flower and easy to take care of. All you need is full sun and water.

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