Condos – A Great Choice for Seniors

If you are recently retired and thinking about downsizing, condo life may be right for you! Seniors enjoy the many advantages condo life offers and here’s a list of the top 7 reasons:

  1. Yard work and maintenance is done for you – This is one of the biggest perks living in a condo community – the freedom from maintenance. No longer do you have to worry about shoveling your driveway in the wintertime or watering grass in the summer. It’s all maintained for you.
  2. Major costs are shared – Condos have a reserve fund that goes to covering the costs of major condo repairs like windows and a roof replacement for example and is shared equally among owners so you’re not left with a hefty bill at the end of the year.
  3. Easy access – Many condos have elevators that allow for easier access. As well, many units have electrified parking stalls reserved for each condo owner. Some even offer underground parking so you will never have to warm your car up again in the winter!
  4. Lifestyle – Condos offer common areas like a games room, pools and party rooms making it a great place to meet and socialize with other seniors.
  5. Amenities – Condos are often built close to bus routes, restaurants, libraries, medical offices and shopping malls making it easy for seniors to get around without having to travel too far.
  6. Affordability – Condo living is affordable and hassle free.
  7. Security – Living alone may be scary for some seniors but these days, condos offer a secure entrance or a doorman also you might feel safer with neighbors on either side and worry less if you frequently travel.

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