Getting to Know the Regina Neighborhood

In 2016, the recorded population of the city of Regina was 236, 481 people. Those people are spread out among approximately 29 neighborhoods in the city, all with great amenities and reasons to live there.

North Zone Neighborhoods

  • Argyle Park/Englewood
  • Coronation ParkCreek
  • Northeast
  • Uplands

East Zone Neighborhoods

  • Arcola East
  • Boothill
  • Dewdney East

South Zone Neighborhoods

  • Albert Park
  • Hillsdale
  • Lakeview
  • Whitmore Park

Central Zone Neighborhoods

  • Al Ritchie
  • Cathedral
  • Center Square
  • Downtown
  • Eastview
  • Gladmer Park
  • Heritage
  • North Central

West Zone Neighborhoods

  • Dieppe
  • McNab
  • NormanviewCity at Sundown
  • Normanview West
  • Prairie View
  • Regent Park
  • Rosemont/Mount Royal
  • Sherwood/McCarthy
  • Twin Lakes
  • Walsh Acres/Lakeridge

Each of the above neighborhoods in Regina, Saskatchewan has rental property available. If you would like to know what is available for rent contact Kodiak Property Management to help you find an apartment or condo that is perfect for you. They can help find you a rental property that will suit your needs.

The neighborhoods all have parks and schools along with their own diverse attractions that make them a great place to live.

If you prefer to rent a place in the hub of the city, downtown area has seventeen cultural organizations including Globe Theatre and Inner Circle City Development Corporation. The Library’s Central Branch is also located downtown.

If you prefer outdoor space and you or your kids are involved in sport, the Uplands neighborhood may have the rental property you are looking for. This neighborhood in Regina features the Prairie Thunder Football Field and Mount Pleasant Sport Park. The Sport Park is a major facility that offers baseball, softball, football, soccer, speed skating, and tennis facilities. The area also has a toboggan hill and informal walking paths. There are lots of child friendly play structures in the area making this a great area for young families.Farm Property

The Boothill neighborhood is an established area with two schools, one of which was newly rebuilt to modernize it. The area also has lots of park space and is close to other attractions in the city. It is situated in proximity to the Saskatchewan Science Centre and the Kramer Imax Theatre in Wascana Park.

It can be overwhelming to try and find living accommodations when you are not familiar with a city. If you need help finding the perfect neighborhood in Regina, Saskatchewan, you can count on Kodiak Property Management to help you. They are a trusted property management company with experience professionals who value integrity and superior service.