A Green Thumb’s Guide To Condo Living

The one thing people that often gets added to the ‘con’ list when considering condo living is the lack of green space. And while many condos offer green spaces or are close to city parks, it may not be enough for the avid gardener. But you can still give your green thumb the workout it needs in a condo. It just takes a little creativity.

Before you start any project, especially one on your patio or yard space, be sure to know your condo board’s rules on gardening first. That will give you your starting point of what you can do.

It’s possible to grow things year-round inside your condo. All you need is a few grow lights. Dedicate a small space in the corner of the room or a closet in a second bedroom and enjoy garden-fresh produce, even in the middle of January!

When you move outside in the summer months, it’s important to rethink how you grow. Your ‘garden plot’ becomes segmented into smaller garden boxes and pots. And you need to go from horizontal to vertical thinking – look for opportunities to stack or stagger boxes on top of each other, or use cages or chicken wire so vined veggies can grow upwards instead of outwards. Every inch counts, so make the most of it. And be sure to keep things neat and clean, so your neighbours enjoy your garden as much as you do.

There are also options for people wanting to expand their garden beyond their patio. There are many community gardens throughout the city where you can rent a plot for the season. A new idea that is catching on in larger centres is renting spots in people’s yards. Someone will offer up their garden space for you to tend to in exchange for a portion of the crop. It can be a great arrangement with friends or family who don’t share your affinity for gardening.

So, if you think you have to say goodbye to your garden when you move into a condo, think again. You can still find room to grow, no matter the size of your space. All it takes is a little organization and some ingenuity,

Happy spring and happy gardening!