A Guide to Moving to Regina

It can be hard to move to an unknown city. Sometimes you have to move for work or other opportunities and it is nice to know more about a place before you arrive. If you are relocating to Regina, Saskatchewan, here is the ultimate guide for things to know before arrival.

Where to Live

Regina has many nice neighborhoods and if you need assistance finding rental property Kodiak Property Management Ltd. has professional staff who can help you out. Whether you want to live in an apartment in Gladmer Park or another central area or a condo in Arcola East, they can help you find what you are looking for.Packing Tape and Scissors


If you have school-age children, you have the option of public or Catholic school. There are also three post-secondary educational centers in Regina – Regina Campus of the Saskatchewan Polytechnic, the University of Regina, and the First Nations University of Canada.


Regina is said to be the sunniest capital city in Canada. Summer temperatures average around 23 degrees Celsius while winter temperatures are around -11. Keep in mind that it can get much hotter and much colder than the average.


If you are moving to a new neighborhood and do not own a car, Regina has a city transport service that can get you around the city with ease. The company is Saskatchewan’s oldest public transit system that runs 20 integrate routes in the city. Regina also has a paratransit system for those with limited mobility.

Licenses and Permits

If your landlord allows pets, don’t forget that you will need to apply for a pet license. Licensing your dog or cat has a minimal fee and will ensure the safety of your pet if he or she gets lost in your new neighborhood.


Green ParkOnce you are settled in your new home you will want to relax in one of Regina’s many open green spaces. Regina has more parkland and open space per person than any other major Canadian city. There are off-leash dog parks and many other places to plan a picnic or get out for a walk. Regina’s parks are well maintained and provide a great places so that you can still get out and enjoy nature even in the hustle and bustle of a city.

Saskatchewan Roughriders

You will not be able to live in Regina and avoid anything and everything Roughrider. The Saskatchewan Roughriders, Saskatchewan’s pride and joy CFL team, play at Mosaic Stadium in Regina. If you are looking for a form of entertainment you will want to make sure you take in a game. Once you do that you will probably get caught up in the fervor and end up with season tickets. Mosaic Stadium is the home of the Roughriders but also hosts several large concerts and events throughout the year.

For more information about moving to Regina, Saskatchewan, you can visit the City of Regina web pages. There they have a lot of information including city by-laws and population statistics.