Happy New Year 2016!

Every year we set new resolutions. But like many, by early spring these goals are forgotten and we are back to our old habits. Here are 6 sure-fire ways to make your resolutions stick and make this year the best ever.

  1. Be Specific: Don’t be vague with the promises to yourself. Be specific and develop a specific action plan for change. This will make it easier to accomplish your goals.
  2. Be Realistic: Make your goal attainable. Try not to over commit to something that you will be doomed to keep from the start. We are all busy people, so design a goal that will easily fit into your daily routine and you are able to maintain regularly.
  3. Lean on Your Friends and Family For Support: You don’t have to share your goals publically on Facebook but you can share them with close family and friends to help you gain support and encouragement especially on days when it’s difficult.
  4. Substitute Good Behaviors for Bad Ones: Develop and implement good behaviors into your everyday routine. This is the easiest way to change up your old habits. Put the brakes on bad behaviour and you will develop confidence to change.
  5. Track Your Progress: Write down your progress, your feelings and behaviour to help you realize triggers that will hold you back. Also track positive achievements so you can look back and feel self-assured that you can change for the better.
  6. Reward Yourself: Celebrate your success when your goals are achieved but in context. Don’t over-indulge, instead keep it in perspective and reinforce this success with good habits.

We wish our residents, property owners, friends and family a Happy New Year! May your lives be filled with hope and many blessings in the year to come. Let Kodiak Properties manage your rental property today! Contact us by calling 306-522-6080 or email [email protected].