Have an issue? Reach Us Fast by Submitting an Online Maintenance Request

At Kodiak Property Management, we strive to make tenants happy with our dependable, detailed and responsive customer service and an all around positive attitude. Our focused approach ensures a quality and trustworthy relationship. That’s why we are Regina’s most trusted property management group.

Being accessible 24/7 to all out clients is out top priority and to make it easier, we’ve integrated a new online service that allows you to reach us fast. Our new online maintenance request system is the easiest and most convenient way to let us know of any problems that arise.

So whether it’s a toilet overflow, a fridge that has stopped working or lost keys, you can reach us anytime day or night with this system.

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Here’s how it works:

If a maintenance issue comes up, click on “Submit a Maintenance Request”. It will take you to our online form. This form will ask for specific information that will help us address the issue quickly. You can even upload images of the problem so we can see exactly what’s going on and suggest a quick and efficient solution. Once the form is filled out, our team is contacted immediately. If your issue is life threatening like a fire, break-in or other damage, we suggest calling 9-1-1 immediately. We have access to a full range of available trades who will be available to come out to help at any time, day or night.

At Kodiak Property Management, we guarantee the highest quality of service and a professional, efficient approach to your property management needs. We go above and beyond to keep our clients satisfied and their needs addressed. Our team is ready to help you!