How to Improve Indoor Air Quality at Home

Kodiak Property Management is your local and most trusted property management company in Regina. We look out for your best interest. Here are a few tips to improve your indoor air quality and make your home a healthier place:

  1. Open your windows as much as possible, even just for a few minutes during the day and in the evening.
  2. Clean or change all the filters in your house or condo regularly.
  3. If you have access to dehumidifier in your unit, adjust your humidity levels accordingly with a moisture or humidity gauge. Ideal in-home humidity levels should hover around 45%. Anything under 30% is too dry, over 50% is too high and can contribute to mold growth.
  4. Try to stay away from store bought, synthetic air fresheners and petroleum-based wax candle.
  5. Use a HEPA air purifier and change the filter as per manufacturers instructions.
  6. Get some green plants like Aloe Vera or a Spider Plant. Your local nursery will be ale to tell you which ones are good, natural air purifiers. Just one of these plants for every 50 feet in your home could help reduce VOCs and improve air quality.
  7. Groom your pets regularly.
  8. If you must repaint, use low or no VOC paint (ask your local hardware store for recommendations).
  9. Use eco-friendly or “green” non-toxic cleaners in your home.
  10. Invest in a good vacuum with strong suction, rotating brushes, and a HEPA filter.
  11. Buy a reusable microfiber dust mop. They are great for reaching into the small places that your vacuum can’t reach.
  12. Wipe down tops of doors, window frames and sills weekly with a damp cloth.
  13. Wash curtains often and dust blinds often.
  14. Use good quality dust-mite-proof pillow, mattress and box spring covers in the bedroom (organic if possible).
  15. Wash sheets and blankets at least once a week.
  16. Keep clothing off the floor and shoes in the closet.
  17. Clean mildew and mold from the grout in your tub by using eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

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