How to Properly (and Safely) Store Cleaning Supplies at Home

Like many of us, we store our cleaning supplies underneath our kitchen sink without a second thought. But did you know that how and where you store your cleaning supplies could have a big impact on your health, safety, and pocketbook? By taking a few easy steps to organize, you can prolong the life of your cleaning supplies and add to your quality of life by save you some money.

Ideally, you should set aside one cupboard entirely for cleaning. Make sure that there aren’t any temperature extremes in the area where your cleaning supplies are stored and that the chemicals are in a cool, dry place. If you have high storage, that would be the most ideal place especially if you have children and pets. Consider also bolting the cupboards so small hands cannot easy open the doors. Do not simply rely on keeping chemicals in childproof bottles. These are designed to resist opening but cannot keep out a determined child.

Once opened, most cleaners slowly lose their power. Bleach, for example, is only at its best for three to six months. This relatively short life is a good reason for sticking to multi-purpose cleaners and disinfectants rather than buying specialist treatments that could sit in your cupboard for years losing potency. This will help save you money too!

Always keep cleaning supplies in their original containers. This is important so you can refer to instructions on how to properly and effectively use them. Another great tip is to keep your cleaners in a handled tool carrier, so you can take them with you as you work around the house.

Also another great idea is to keep kitchen cleaners in the cabinet under the sink, bathroom cleaners in the bathroom cabinet, laundry supplies on a shelf above the washer, rug cleaners on a shelf in the family room, etc. instead of housing everything in one area. This will also help you avoid clutter as best you can.

Remember to clean out the cleaning cupboard now and again! Many cleaning supplies have an expiry date and may damage furniture if they are old.

With these great tips, you can now enjoy a nice clean home and gain peace of mind knowing that your cleaning supplies are stored safely.

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