Important Rental Property Questions to Ask

If you are getting out on your own for the first time and wanting to find a rental place to start out, you need to be prepared when you are shopping for the perfect starter home. Even if you have rented places before, this guide will help you when you are out searching. There are some important questions that you should ask before agreeing to rent a home to make sure you know what your responsibilities will be and what responsibility the landlord has to you.

Questions to Ask:

1. What are the lease terms?

Make sure you understand the terms before signing a rental agreement. If you read the agreement and have questions be sure to ask to ensure you understand everything. Make sure you know how much the security deposit will be and how it will be adjusted when you move out. Other things to check in this regard is how often there will be rent increases and how much of an increase there may be.

2. What is included in the rent?

Sometimes the rent of a place will include utilities and sometimes you will have to pay the cost on top of rent. Ask if there are charges for cable, gas, and electric and how they will be handled. Sometimes the landlord pays water and sewage and sometimes the renter pays it so be sure that you are clear before signing an agreement.

3. Can I decorate the place?

Some landlords do not want you putting nail holes in the walls to hang paintings or fixtures while others may allow it if you agree to fill them and paint before you leave. Other things you may wish to ask is if you can paint the walls or other minor adjustments you may wish to make.

Door and Wall Paper
4. What is the maintenance policy?

If you are renting an apartment or a condo there may be maintenance fees to be paid to an association. If that is the case, the tenant is often responsible for the fees. Make sure you check with your landlord about who is responsible for the fees and what will happen if there is a scenario where major repairs are required. The landlord should be responsible for major repairs but make sure to check.

5. What if emergency repairs need to be done?

For the most part, a landlord should cover the cost of repairs since it is their home and not yours. If the damage is something that you did not cause, you should not be responsible for the cost of repairs.

6. Is there a guest policy?

In some instances, you may rent a home where you are a tenant and the landlord lives there is well. Perhaps you have a suite in the basement or a room in the home. If that is the case, you will want to be clear on any policies regarding guests.

7. What safety features are there?

If you are in an apartment or condo you may want to see if there is a buzzer system on the door or if entry is only accessible with a key. In a home you may ask about security cameras on or near the garage. It is a good idea to do some research about the area to know if safety is a concern.

8. What is available for parking?

If you are in a building is there an assigned parking stall? If you rent a room or a suite can you park in the garage or driveway? Would you have to park on the street? It is a good idea to know what is available so you don’t have concerns about your vehicle.

9. What amenities are in the area?

Though you can do your own research you may ask your landlord about the closest grocery store or anything else you will want quick and convenient access to.


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