Kodiak Property Management: Powered by People

If you invest in a diverse and talented team and give them the freedom to create, they will be able to test, experiment and build something successful. That’s why at Kodiak Property Management we invest in our people.

We want our people to feel excited and engaged about working with us. We’re committed to their success, because we know what benefits them also benefits our business.

Our aim is to create a diverse workforce that feels inspired to deliver brilliant results; and who is strongly aligned to the aims of the business and to our purpose of celebrating life, every day, everywhere.

To achieve that vision, we’ve built the values of our business into everything we do – from a reward structure that recognizes performance, to a career development process that harnesses talent and rewards personal growth, we’ve committed to building something pretty special, with some pretty special people.

Take for example our CHIT Employee Program. Each month we share client feedback, testimonials and notes, and a top winner is drawn for a gift card. We do this to ensure everyone sees the direct impact their work has on the customers we serve. It’s all about creating a work environment where we celebrate victories and learn from mistakes; where we stand for each other’s success, together. It’s just one way we ensure Kodiak Properties is a place where people are feel valued each and every day.

If this sounds like your kind of place, please send us your resume. We offer remarkable opportunities for ridiculously passionate people! [email protected]