5 Reasons to Move to Moose Jaw

Saskatchewan is a great place to live. Apart from the extreme winter to summer temperatures, most will agree that the law and order situation is ideal and the society provides a great place to raise a family.

Moose Jaw is a northern city in the province of Saskatchewan. It holds its importance from being a significant railway junction as well as a central Canadian industrial hub.

Living in Moose Jaw has its own perks, that set it apart from other regions of Saskatchewan.

Here are the top 5 reasons people move to Moose Jaw:

1. Minimal Cost

The first thing that attracts many people to Moose Jaw is that it provides a high standard of living at a very affordable rate. The economic growth of the city is based upon the fact that it provides a prime housing workforce which is also cost savvy. Workers move happily to Moose Jaw, because they know that their family will be able to settle in comfortably with minimal financial stress.

Stacks of Loose Change

2. Agricultural Lands

Another major advantage of moving to Moose Jaw is that it has the most productive lands on the planet. Due to great soil conditions for harvesting and good quality seeds; the agriculture sector in Moose Jaw has become a significant farming hub offering a variety of jobs in agriculture, export and other related fields.

Agricultural Land in Moose Jaw

3. Recreational Activities

The city of Moose Jaw provides great leisure activities for you and your family. The Wakamow Valley, the CFB airshow and the extensive Saskatchewan Festival of words, along with various other activities, makes sure that you never get tired of living in Moose Jaw.

It also has its own water park, tennis courts, gyms, swimming pools and playgrounds that provide easy and inexpensive ways to blow off steam whenever you want. For temporary visitors, there are several tourist spots such as; the Old Wives Lake, which is a beautiful spot to hang out during the warm summer months.

Swimming Pool

4. Suitable for New Businesses

Moose Jaw provides a safe place for prospective companies to start up new businesses. The city was featured in the Alberta Venture in 2011, and was top of the lists of “The 25 best cities outside Alberta to start a business”.

The fact that Moose Jaw holds a significant position in the Regina Industrial Corridor, shows why it is one of the largest economic regions on the Saskatchewan.

Small Business in Moose Jaw

5. Mega Projects

Due to its economic importance, there are several mega projects that provide jobs, financial security, services and facilities to the people living in Moose Jaw. These multi billion dollar projects, are bringing a massive change to the prairie region of Canada. As an example, the K+S Potash project and several new shopping plazas, are a few of the many new things that are showing promised to change the city of Moose Jaw and thus elevating the peoples lifestyle.

Reaching a Good Goal in Saskatchewan
With all the new and exciting things that are sprouting up in the Moose Jaw area, it’s sufficient to say that this up and coming city will soon have a lot going on.