The Best Christmas Markets in Saskatchewan

It’s Christmas time and nowhere buzzes with Christmas spirit more than Saskatchewan, Canada. From family cheer to extraordinarily decorated homes, Saskatchewan knows how to do it big for the holiday season.

Snow Falling at the Christmas Market in Saskatchewan
Kodiak properties currently serves the Saskatchewan cities of Regina and Moose Jaw, so we know for certain that one of the things residents always look forward to is shopping at one of the province’s many well-known Christmas Markets. In case you’re wondering which markets will guarantee the best shopping time for you and your family, we have compiled a list of 6 of the best Saskatchewan Christmas Markets you below:

1. Dickens Village Festival

At Dickens Village in Carlyle, you won’t only get to get some Christmas shopping done, but you can also enjoy entertainment and activities, from Christmas carollers to carriage rides. This is definitely the Christmas market to take you entire family too for a day of fun!

Carriage Ride at the Dickens Christmas Market in Saskatchewan

2. Winter Wonders Handmade Market

As the name suggests, this market is special in that you will find handmade products of all types. Located in Saskatoon, it’s the best place to go to get unique, locally made products that you won’t get anywhere else for that extra-special Christmas gift.

Nutcrackers at the Saskatchewan Holiday Market

3. Sundog Arts and Entertainment Faire

Also in Saskatoon, The Sundog Arts and Entertainment Faire is another place to get your shopping done for all things Christmas, including your Christmas tree. This faire offers a wide variety of unique Christmas stuff that may become a precious Christmas piece in your home for a long time to come!

Some Tree Ornaments at the Christmas Market

4. Mistletoe Craft and Gift Show

If you live in The Battleford, you can do your Christmas shopping while enjoying homemade baked goodies all at once! This Market is for the early birds, as it runs in November, but for just a $3 admission fee it’s worth the wait if you missed it this year!

Booths at a Christmas Market in Saskatchewan

5. Focus on Christmas Trade Show and Sale

If you live in Prince Albert, just do as the name says and focus on Christmas at this trade show and sale that has dozens and dozens of vendors offering you a range of Christmas items to help you and your family feel festive for the Christmas season.

Couple Close to a Christmas Tree in Saskatchewan

6. Centennial Market- Market Days

The Centennial Market in Regina is holding Market days every weekend until the 23rd of December, which is ideal for all of you who want to do some last minute shopping. There are countless Christmas items being sold by more than 100 vendors so you’re sure to find just the right Christmas gift or ornament at this Market. There is also a special section just for collectibles and antiques, for all the collector enthusiasts!

Christmas Tree Decorations for Sale at the eSaskatchewan Christmas Market
At the Christmas markets of Saskatchewan you’re not only sure to have a good time and but you will also definitely get a bunch of fun, unique, holiday items that you wouldn’t be able to pick up at your local mall or retail store. There is no better way to spend the month of December!