Decorating your New Moose Jaw Home for Christmas

For many, Christmas one of the happiest times of the year, and that is certainly the case for the residents in the Canadian city of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. During Christmas, many houses, condos and apartments alike are lit up as the Christmas spirit warms up the cold winter weather!

For those of you who have just made the move and are getting ready for your first Moose Jaw Christmas, we have prepared a brief guide on what you need to pay attention to when decorating your new Moose Jaw home for the Christmas holidays.

Christmas Candles in Moose Jaw

1. Pre Christmas Cleaning

It is essential that, before doing any decorating, your home is clean. A dirty home is no way to welcome the Christmas spirit, and all the family, friends and festivities that it brings. Divide and delegate cleaning tasks to all the members of the family (or hire someone to help) to ensure that no spot is left uncleaned! Also, remember to clean things like glassware and silverware (which can be done with potato skins and banana peels), your refrigerator and extra bathroom towels for guests!

Clean Up Before Christmas

2. Decorate, Decorate, Decorate!

Moose Jaw residents are very big on decorating and lighting up their homes, and if you’re a new Moose Jaw home-owner or tenant, you will probably want to get in on the Christmas decorating fun.

If possible, go all out on the Christmas lights and turn your home into a magical Christmas wonderland! Do your decoration and light shopping early so that you can decorate your home exactly as you’ve envisioned. Try shopping for Christmas decorations outside the Christmas season to save a bit of money or use last year’s stock! If you live in a rental property make sure to check with the property management company, like Kodiak Property Management, to help guide you on how to navigate Christmas decorating when you are not the owner of your home. It is necessary that your decorating is accepted and allowed by your landlord and the neighbourhood in general.

Moose Jaw Christmas Stockings

3. Be Ready to get an Early Start on Christmas Decorating!

Living in Moose Jaw means Christmas comes a bit early: in October! Toward the end of October every year Moose Jaw gets a head-start on the holiday season with Christmas in October. If you’re a new Moose Jaw resident, you may want to get in on this special event! It is usually a themed event, during which downtown Moose Jaw is lit up and there are arts and culture events put on. Decorating your home for the themed Christmas in October would definitely be a fun and unique thing for every new Moose Jaw resident to do!

Moose Jaw Christmas Tree

With this short guide, you are sure to be ready to make a stellar impression in your new Moose Jaw neighbourhood and hopefully form lasting traditions!