Easter Decorating Ideas to Try in your Moose Jaw Home

Easter is time for celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ; it is the time to celebrate the triumph of good over bad, and love over hatred. It is also a transition from the cold winter to a beautiful spring.

You have every reason to “spring” up your home. If you are new in Saskatchewan don’t worry, there are so many inspirations you can draw from the lovely neighborhood. Check out the different ways to celebrate the blessedness of Easter in your home;

Easter Eggs

You saw this coming, didn’t you?

Easter Eggs and Flowers in Moose Jaw
There are so many things you can do with Easter eggs décor; it is one of the simplest, but exciting ways to welcome the new season. There are various themes you can draw from Easter eggs which include;

1. Easter Egg Décor:

You can paint eggs and write sweet messages; children love to write on Easter eggs. You can engage the kids with this little fun task; they will joyfully do it. You can also send them as gift items to your family and friends. If you and your family just moved into the neighborhood, Easter eggs décor is a beautiful way to enjoy and have fun with your family.
Getting Ready to Decorate Easter Eggs in Moose Jaw

2. Easter Table Decorations:

Are you thinking of adding a feel of Easter on your dining table? You can add white candles, few beautiful colored eggs, Easter grass, and some bunny candies to spice up dinner with your family. The Easter table decoration is also perfect if you have friends with kids over for dinner.
Cupcake Stand and Easter Eggs Table Decoration

3. Easter Candles:

Easter candles are exquisite! It is a quick way to dive into the spirit of Easter. You can even make easter eggshell candles. Don’t worry, it is pretty easy. Paint used eggshells in your preferred colors (there are no strict rules, just be creative) and then put the eggshells in beautiful candle stands.
Easter Candles ready for the Holidays

4. Easter egg garland:

You can create your Easter egg garland with a string and different colored eggs; allow your kids to put the eggs and the string together and then help them to hang it on the main door of your house. They will be filled with joy to see their decorations on the door or windows.
Easter Egg Garland

5. Easter Tree decoration:

Who says you can only use trees for Christmas? Trees décor is not limited to Christmas alone; you can also go creative with Easter trees for your outdoor decoration. Putting the eggs on the tree is a great way to bond with your kids, so try it.
Easter Tree in Moose Jaw

Personalize Easter Decoration

It adds more fun and warmth to the house when you personalize your Easter decorations; you can write the name of each member of the family on different rabbits and hang them on the Easter tree. You can also create each basket filled with Easter bunny or egg candies for every member of the family.

Easter Bunny in Saskatchewan
Creativity is allowed; decorating your home, shouldn’t be an uphill task. The more spontaneous you are, the better. Just remember to add your Easter eggs, bunnies, and lily flowers to your decoration. Don’t forget to have fun; it is the beginning of a new season.