Some Great Moose Jaw Neighborhoods

As a tenant or a landlord looking to change your neighborhood, meeting the right people for the correct information is vital. You need a professional property manager to help locate your dream home in your ideal area. This article will show you what to look out for when searching for a new home, give you some great Moose Jaw neighborhoods and also link you up to a professional property manager to solve your housing needs.

Before you decide on which part of Moose Jaw’s neighborhood to buy or rent to own your condo, apartment, etc. you need to know some important things about the community:

Crime Rate

One of the important things you want ask your property manager is the crime rate in the neighborhood. Ask for crime maps that shows the level of crime rates in the area. You can also do a quick Google research in the area. You do not want to move into a neighborhood where the crime rate is high.

Crime Rate of Moose Jaw

Home Values and Rental Prices

How much are you willing to pay for a house in your selected neighborhood? Is it worth it? How often do the rental prices change? The above questions are important when renting a house; you do not want to bite off more than you can chew.

Farm Land with Hay and Blue Sky in Saskatchewan

The Quality of Schools in the Neighborhood

The quality of schools in the area is not subjected to only people who have kids, if you are looking to buy a house the quality of schools in the neighbourhood matter because places with good schools have higher home values.

As a parent, getting a house in an area with better schools will be an excellent choice for your children. There are a lot of great neighborhoods with good schools in Regina and Moose Jaw. Check with your professional property manager for more information.

Schools in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan


It is essential to know the property tax rates and how much of your salary will be used as income taxes. Don’t forget to check the fee you will be charged for gasoline too.

Tax Calculator for Regina, Saskatchewan


Who are your neighbors? Will you be happy living with such people in the neighborhood? If you want to enjoy your new home, ensure the demographics of the neighborhood suits you. One of the great things living in Moose Jaw is the high level value of diversity.

New Home in the Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Area

The above five things to look out for in the neighborhood will help you decide which neighborhood is the best for you. Some great Moose Jaw neighborhoods include; Caribou Height, Fairview, Churchill Park, Hill Crest, Rideau Height, Crescent View, Rosemont, Hill Crest, etc…

However, you cannot get the full details of place without consulting your property manager. Kodiak properties management in Moose Jaw, as well as Regina, will guide you in selecting the right neighborhood for you. If you are looking for a condominium, home or a commercial developer in Moose Jaw, Kodiak properties management is your go-to-guy. They represent condos, apartments, and great homes, throughout the Moose Jaw area. Kodiak properties management can handle a wide array of buildings with retail, commercial and mixed-use office spaces available for lease in Regina and Moose Jaw.