How to make your Moose Jaw Home Romantic on Valentine’s Day

From the very start of February, one thing starts whirling in everyone’s mind. It’s the arrival of Valentine’s Day.

Couples can celebrate their love all around the year by doing small lovely things for each other, but there is something special associated with this day. People start preparations to make it more amazing and memorable.

Many people go to restaurants or other outdoor places to celebrate their love. But, what about celebrating Valentine’s Day at your home?

Nothing can beat the fun of enjoying a lovely moment in your heaven. That’s why here – we are going to discuss few tips on how you can make your Moose Jaw home romantic on Valentine’s Day!

Clean your Home

Cleaning your home properly to make my home look romantic? Sounds weird, right? Wrong!

Nothing can set the tone for a nice romantic night better than a clean kitchen and a dust free environment. Nobody likes to be tripping over clutter or walk on a floor that hasn’t been swept in a dog’s age. It can really kill the mood.

Happy that the House is Clean

Go for Dim Lights

Lightings can play a major role in romanticizing your home.

Once you have selected right type of lightings, you have mastered in changing the presentation of your home. As far as Valentine’s Day is concerned, dim lights can go best with the romantic theme. Besides lighting dim bulbs in your home, you can also go for some string lights. Candles also do wonders for these special events.

A White Rose with Dim Lights around

Add a Splash of Colour

Think colour when your getting your house ready for this holiday of love. Red, white and pink are considered the specialty colours of Valentine’s Day.

Don’t forget to add this color to give your Moose Jaw Home a true romantic appearance. While decorating, add a good mixture of these three colors.

You can have a red bed set, red curtains, red cushions and many other things…

A Splash of Colour in Saskatchewan

Decorate Specific Corner for your Valentine

Some people don’t like the hassle of putting up festive decorations all around their home. If you are one of those people opt instead to pick a corner or small nook and make this your Valentine’s area.

Once you chose your corner, you can place flowers bouquets, candles, chocolates, teddy bears, and other romantic stuff.

A Valentines Day Cake for the Special Someone

Everyone Loves Presents

What about giving a surprise gift to your loved one?

Nothing says I love you more that the gift of giving. Find that perfect present, wrap it nicely and hide it in your home. If you have a few small gifts make your loved one work for their present and organize a mini scavenger hunt.

Valentines Day Present For Someone


Making your Moose Jaw home romantic on Valentine’s Day has never been easier. Stores always have tonnes of fun and brand new ideas. If you want to make the most out of this lovely time of year make sure to plan in advance and get ready to share many kisses!