Moose Jaw Question and Answer Session with a Kodiak Staff

A few days ago I took the time to sit down and talk to one of the Kodiak staff members. I wanted to really connect with readers and give prospective citizens a personalized view at the Moose Jaw region.

During my interview I had the chance to ask a list of daunting questions that will hopefully give people a good idea of what the municipality of Moose Jaw is all about.

Here it goes:

Q: What are the best neighbourhoods for college renters?

For students coming to Moose Jaw to pursue college or another form of higher education, the best area to find a home is in the north central area of Moose Jaw. That is essentially where Sask Polytech is located.

Q: What are the best neighbourhoods for retirement renters?

For retirement renters the downtown east area has plenty of condos and apartments around crescent park. This is an ideal location because it allows easy access to the downtown core as well as to senior centres.

Q: What are the most walkable neighbourhoods to rent in Moose Jaw?

Moose Jaw has an awesome walking path that pretty much circles the entire city. If you are into walking, running or fitness, it is definitely worth looking into! For me though, if I had to pick a certain area that is a nice and walkable neighbourhood, it would have to be the Sunningdale. The Sunningdale is divided into two areas by a large natural park and a little stream. I think it is a very pretty area to take a stroll.

Q: What are the best neighbourhoods to start a family?

Anyone who is young and starting a family should consider looking at a place in the north west area of Moose Jaw. It is a great kid friendly place with lots of parks, sports fields and convenience stores. This area has several schools both (public and catholic) and it is also not too far from the indoor swimming pool and skating rink. The kids will never be bored in the north west area of Moose Jaw!

Best Family Homes in Moose Jaw
Q: Could you tell me a few hidden gems of Moose Jaw?

As long as you promise to keep it a secret… A couple of Moose Jaws hidden gems are: the tunnel tours (in downtown Moose Jaw). On the tunnel tours you can go on the Al Capone tour or the Chinese connection tour. Prepare yourself to be transported back in time. The hired actors do a fantastic job bringing the characters to life and telling the story of the history of Moose Jaw.

In the summer months, Moose Jaw has a trolley that travels throughout the city, also telling the city’s history as well as showing the murals that are painted on buildings. It’s a nice way to satisfy that cultural craving you might have.

Another gem of Moose Jaw is Crescent Park. As you can imagine again this park is a summer thing, but it has the Wakamow river slicing through and a large walking path, with lots of wildlife.

Q: Best pubs and restaurants?

The city of Moose Jaw has lots of restaurants and it’s hard to pick the best when they are all so different one from the other. Some restaurants with a local feel would be Hopkins dining parlour. This parlour has great food, great service and is located in a heritage house in the heart of the city. On top of being a good restaurant it also has lots of history and is rumoured to have its own ghost, who was the former owners wife.

If you’re looking for a less formal restaurant, we have Deja Vu. Essentially it is deep fried everything – could anyone want anything more. The restaurant has tons of flavours of chicken wings and over 50 flavours of milkshakes. Deja Vu was on the TV show “You Gotta Eat Here”, and in fact you really do.

If pubs are more your style, we have Bobby’s Place; best fish and chips in town. Bobby’s also has the occasional band that drops in and you can put your dancing shoes on and do some dancing.

Restaurants in Moose Jaw
Q: What is the best Condo Corps to rent from?

If you are looking to rent a condo, the best one to go with is Chester Estates Condo Corp.

Q: What is the best places to shop for furniture?

Your new to Moose Jaw and your looking for swag to fill up your apartment. For the big stuff such as tables, chairs, couches and beds; we have Ashdowns or McCarrs furniture. Both stores have been around Moose Jaw for a long time.

If you are looking for smaller scale decorating options; Jillian’s and Twenty One, are good places to shop. The stores are conveniently both owned by local people citizens and have fantastic and classy decorating ideas.

Q: What is the biggest festivals/yearly events?

Most of the festivals and exciting stuff happens in Moose Jaw during the summer months. We have Sidewalk Days – a three day event where they close down Main St. and everyone brings out anything that they want to sell. It is a bustling beehive of activity and sales with lots of vendors lining up the streets.

Motif is another festival occuring in Happy Valley park. This event displays multicultural foods and dancing and is always a hit among residents.

A few of the lower key events include: the Moose Jaw Hometown Fair and Canada Day at Crescent Park.

Moose Jaw Christmas Market