Perks to Living in the City

The city can be both exciting and scary. When we think of big cities, like London and New York City, we think of them as hub of buzz and activity, but they can also be very intimidating to some. However, there are amazing perks to living in the city that one would regret missing out on simply because they were too intimidated to take the step into city life! Below is a list of just a few of the wonderful benefits of living in the city that should convince anyone who is on the fence about making that move!

Availability of Public Transportation (and biking lanes!)

When you live in the city, there is basically zero need to have your own vehicle! In fact, sometimes owning a vehicle can be an inconvenience due to limited parking and congestion. Public transport is widely available in cities and it not only saves you from buying and maintaining a vehicle, it is better for the environment, often quicker and usually inexpensive! Additionally, biking lanes are usually present in cities, which means you have an even more environmentally and economically friendly option for getting around.

Public Transport in Moose Jaw

Active Social and Entertainment Scene

Everyone knows that all the action is in the city! There is hardly any form of entertainment that you want to enjoy that does not exist in a big city! Cities can meet entertainment needs for all interests and lifestyles: from art galleries, museums and operas to concerts, music festivals and amusement parks! The options for entertainment are plentiful. Furthermore, the city is the perfect place to have a more active social life. There is always a social event, like parties, mixers and charities, where you can meet new people, network and form friendships.

Band on the Moose Jaw Night Scene

Availability of Good Medical Care

Many of the best hospitals, medical institutions and other medical care services are located in cities and many of the best health care professionals work there. Being in close proximity to these institutions means that you have access to the highest quality of medical care in the event of illness or injury.

Medical in Moose Jaw

Endless Choices for Eating and Shopping

Cities are filled with an enormous variety of restaurants, shopping malls and boutiques. In a big city you can usually find restaurants serving a very ethnically diverse range of cuisines – from Italian to Indian to Asian cuisines. There are also often markets/grocery stores that cater to different ethnic groups. You can therefore explore different types of foods and introduce your taste buds to new and exciting tastes every now and then. Additionally, there are shopping centers and boutiques at almost every corner, which can turn shopping into an event in itself!

Restaurants in Moose Jaw

Cities are Actually Safer!

This is probably the most surprising of all the benefits because the perception that cities are unsafe and dangerous places is widespread due to crime rates statistics. However, the facts are the facts and, they show that you are less likely to die from injury if you live in a city than if you lived in a rural area, according to a study published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine.

Safety in Moose Jaw

So after going through this list, there should be no doubt in your mind that living in the city can be an irreplaceably wonderful experience!