Places to Visit around Moose Jaw with the Kids on Your March Break

The month of March nears us, and with that comes March break.

Some of us love to spend the March break alone, in our own little habitats, with nothing but a cup of coffee and a book to accompany us. But for most of us, vacations are nothing without our family. And we can understand why.

If you’re a parent, you can definitely agree on one thing: vacations are best spent with spouses and children. So what’s better than spending the March break in the Saskatchewan region? With beautiful scenery and a breath-taking urban experience, Saskatchewan will move you to your very core. And if you happen upon Moose Jaw, a glorious city in Saskatchewan, the experience is doubled.

But the question still remains: what is the best place to visit around Moose Jaw with the kids? While we can never provide a definite answer, but here are a few of our favorite suggestions:

1. The Tunnels of Moose Jaw:

The Tunnels of Moose Jaw is a rather popular tourist attraction. They entertain guests through unique theatrical plays and presentations. The plays are mostly on Canadian culture and history. They feature all sorts of equipment and models from America’s history, and from Moose Jaw’s culture in particular. This site is significant and educational from a historical point of view. The kids will surely love this one, as it’s both entertaining and educational.

Vintage Lady in a Car

2. Western Development Museum:

This is perhaps the finest and most sophisticated museum in all of Saskatchewan. The display and exhibits are excellent and highly educational. While schools usually plan trips to this unique site, you can always take your kids here yourself during March break, and they’ll surely never regret it.

Old School Typewriter from the Moose Jaw Museum

3. Murals of Moose Jaw:

The Murals of Moose Jaw are one of a kind. These walls have been painted to help preserve and showcase the history of Moose Jaw and the Saskatchewan region in general. They have been professionally painted and sport bright and flawless colors. The good news for you: kids love pictures and color!

The educational sustenance and gorgeous artwork will definitely take your breath away, and if your kids love art, this will be the best place to hone their skills and motivate them.

Moose Jaw Murals

4. Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery:

This is yet another extravagant and exquisite museum in the Moose Jaw region. This museum is specifically dedicated to artists and pioneers who, through their incredible works, have made Moose Jaw what it is today. Again, if your kids love art and culture, which they surely should, this will be the best family vacation.

Moose Jaw Art Gallery Museum
At the end, all we can say is that the best place to visit is where you and your family are happy. Saskatchewan and Moose Jaw, in particular, are vast regions, and who knows? Maybe the most interesting thing is right outside your door!