The inside of a restaurant kitchen

Best Moose Jaw Restaurants

Outings are almost incomplete without having your meal in some splendid restaurants. Visiting any city or area can become extremely boring without having sound knowledge of their top-class restaurants. In this blog post, you will get to read all about amazing food places. If you have ever visited Moose Jaw, you would have an idea… Read more »

Question and Answer with Kodiak Staff

Moose Jaw Question and Answer Session with a Kodiak Staff

A few days ago I took the time to sit down and talk to one of the Kodiak staff members. I wanted to really connect with readers and give prospective citizens a personalized view at the Moose Jaw region. During my interview I had the chance to ask a list of daunting questions that will… Read more »

Easter Decorating Ideas to Try in your Moose Jaw Home

Easter is time for celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ; it is the time to celebrate the triumph of good over bad, and love over hatred. It is also a transition from the cold winter to a beautiful spring. You have every reason to “spring” up your home. If you are new in… Read more »

Home Activities to Try Around the House

6 Indoor Winter Activities to Try Around the House in Saskatchewan

When you’re running a family and taking care of a home, life can be tough, which is why we have compiled a list of six exquisite and extraordinary indoor activities that you can enjoy in the winter with your family, all while sitting in your condo or apartment. Board Games: Nothing beats the cold isolated… Read more »

Valentines Day in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

How to make your Moose Jaw Home Romantic on Valentine’s Day

From the very start of February, one thing starts whirling in everyone’s mind. It’s the arrival of Valentine’s Day. Couples can celebrate their love all around the year by doing small lovely things for each other, but there is something special associated with this day. People start preparations to make it more amazing and memorable…. Read more »

moose jaw rentals condo

5 Reasons to Move to Moose Jaw

Saskatchewan is a great place to live. Apart from the extreme winter to summer temperatures, most will agree that the law and order situation is ideal and the society provides a great place to raise a family. Moose Jaw is a northern city in the province of Saskatchewan. It holds its importance from being a… Read more »

Some Saskatchewan Wheat Fields

Some Great Moose Jaw Neighborhoods

As a tenant or a landlord looking to change your neighborhood, meeting the right people for the correct information is vital. You need a professional property manager to help locate your dream home in your ideal area. This article will show you what to look out for when searching for a new home, give you… Read more »

New Years Champagne Glasses

Moving Tips for the New Year

The New Year is quickly approaching and we all know that means big changes! For some, that may be changing your habits, diet or style. But for others, a new year brings even bigger changes like moving to an entirely new place! While this is probably one of the most exciting ways to start off… Read more »

Standing in the Christmas Market of Saskatchewan

The Best Christmas Markets in Saskatchewan

It’s Christmas time and nowhere buzzes with Christmas spirit more than Saskatchewan, Canada. From family cheer to extraordinarily decorated homes, Saskatchewan knows how to do it big for the holiday season.   Kodiak properties currently serves the Saskatchewan cities of Regina and Moose Jaw, so we know for certain that one of the things residents… Read more »