Moving Tips For the Winter

Are you thinking of moving this winter? That’s a great idea! Well not so great if you don’t know the necessary steps to take. Moving in winter is one of the ways to get great discounts; many moving companies; especially in Regina Saskatchewan dish out awesome holiday prices.

Some people prefer to move in summer because their children are out of school. Others just prefer summer because of the warm and dry weather.

In terms of cost and availability moving in winter is an excellent idea; you won’t have to haggle with your movers because there will be a lot of awesome packages to pick from, you will not only get an excellent festive discount, and you will also be “pampered” by your moving company.

Here are a few tips to make your winter move a smooth ride.

Keep a Sharp Eye on the Weather

Getting weather updates is very important. Winter can be unpredictable; you can get fair weather one day and the next a blizzard. Make sure to keep both eyes on the forecast. If you are not so sure of the weather, call your moving company and tell them your concerns.

Winter Tree's in Saskatchewan

Setup your Utilities

The last thing you want is moving into your new home with no light and no heat. Ensure you set up everything at least a week before you move into the new house. Double check your utilities and make sure they are all ready.

Power Lines in Regina Saskatchewan

Clear the Walkways

Walkways can be hazardous during winter especially when carrying heavy boxes. You don’t want your precious possessions sprawling on the walkways. To avoid unpleasant moving experience, make sure the sidewalks are free of snow and ice. Clearing your walkways does not only protect your boxes, but it also protects your movers. You need to remove snow and ice in your new and old home. If you can’t handle it alone, considering hiring someone to clear the new home.

Clearing the Sidewalk in Regina

Turn off the Heat

Turning the heat down on move in day. This is one of the ways to save for winter. Think of it this way; there will be so much in and out movement, your door will be open, and your heat will be going out. Turn off the heat to reduce bills.

Home Thermometer in Saskatchewan

Don’t Forget the Hot Chocolate

Always keep a cup of hot of coffee, chocolate or tea handy on move in day. There is nothing better than taking a well deserved break after hours of back breaking labour and sipping a nice warm beverage. It will keep your family and movers warm and give them that sugar boost they need to get through the day.

Hot Chocolate for Movers in Regina

Fix your Car

Most people tend to be occupied with the whole moving arrangement that they forget to prepare their cars too. Make sure your car is ready to take you to the new home; check the tires, air pressure, etc. before you embark on the journey. If you are traveling over a long distance make sure that oil is up to part as well.

Old School Car in Regina

Dress for the Elements

There is nothing worse than freezies your tootsies off while trying to move. To avoid this unpleasantness put on the right clothes and layer up. Consider keeping extra blankets and winter coats in the car for your kids.

Staying Warm in the Winter in Regina


Put a smile on your movers’ faces by tipping them for their job; thank them for coming out in the cold to help you move your things. This is especially a good idea if the weather is particularly treacherous.

Tipping with Pennies in Saskatchewan

Moving in the winter season may not be everyone’s first pick, it is not without its advantages. Save on cost, needing to pre-book and sweaty summer heat by planning your move at this time of year.