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We can help you pick the right commercial property for you and your business.  

Whether you’re starting a new business, or moving or expanding an existing one, choosing the right commercial property is an important decision. Kodiak Property manages a wide variety of commercial properties in Regina and Moose Jaw, including retail, commercial and mixed-use office space, and we can connect you with the perfect place to do business. Here are a few things to consider when looking for a commercial property.

Location, location, location

Location is important, and choosing the right location comes from knowing your business. For example, if you require family walk up traffic, you’ll likely steer clear of a spot in the industrial area. Knowing the habits of your customer base will also help guide the location you choose. If you offer online ordering and/or a delivery service, you can be less reliant on walk-in traffic and have more property options as a result. Try to find a place that checks off all of your needs and wants, but be ok if you don’t find one that checks them all. It’s important to remember that if you offer a great product or service people will come to you, wherever you are.

Know your neighbours

Competition is always good for business, but you probably don’t want to move next door to your competitor who is already established in the area. When you find a commercial property you like, make sure you check for competing business within a few kilometer radius. Starting out against an established competitor will always be more of an uphill climb. However, how close you can be to a competitor also depends on things like population density, customer traffic and the type of goods and services you offer.

Will the space work for you?

Make sure the space you are considering works for what you want to do with the business. Are you allowed to make alterations or simple renovations to the place? Can you paint the walls to match your brand colours? Are there any restrictions on interior or exterior signage? Are there restrictions to when the public can have access to the building? We can help you answer all of these questions and provide options that work with what you want to do with your business.

The right location can be a major factor in the success of your business, affecting everything from sales to employee morale. We manage an extensive network of commercial properties in Regina and Moose Jaw and can help you find the right space for you. Contact us today!