The pros and cons of being on the board

One of the most unique features of condo living is the existence of a Condominium Board of Directors. As a condo owner you are essentially a part of a corporation made up of every owner, and you are all responsible for the business and community affairs of the property. To make this more efficient, the Board of Directors is a smaller group made up of condo owners elected by the condo community to handle these affairs. This includes maintenance and repairs of the common area and upholding the by-laws and rules of the condo community. Condo Boards often work with Property Management firms like ours that handles the day-to-day operations, allowing Board members to focus on other priorities. Taking a positon on the Board is a great way to be actively involved in your condo community. But there are a few things to consider before you put your name up for nomination.

There are both advantages and drawbacks to being on the Board. On the con side, being a Board member can be a thankless, difficult job at times. As the group of people specifically elected to help settle disputes between owners and between owners and the condo community, the Board can often be blamed or vilified by people on the wrong side of a judgment. You have to be good with conflict and making difficult or unpopular decisions, often involving neighbours or close friends. It is also a commitment of time and effort, so be sure you have the time and energy to be the active, effective Board member your community deserves.

The biggest pro in being a Board member is that you get to play an active role in shaping your community. You are privy to the inner workings of your condo corporation and have a voice in how your community is run. It’s also a great opportunity to form strong relationships with your neighbours and further tighten the close-kinit community condo living is known for. Beyond the community itself, you also get to play an active role in how your investment in the condo itself is handled – this can offer great peace of mind to know your investment isn’t in the hands of others. For those who love continuous learning, being on the Board will also give you an education in city by-laws, conflict resolution, working with contractors and much more. It can be very rewarding work overall.

As a condo owner you should be as actively involved as possible in the affairs of your condo community, even if you aren’t on the Board. You can still be active by attending regular Board meetings, reading the condo newsletter and voting on all appointments and decisions. While the Board offers more opportunities to really shape your condo community, the community is always stronger when everyone is involved and invested. Kodiak prides itself in forging close relationships with the Board to proactively handle all of a condo community’s affairs.