Red-Flag Plumbing Issues

As your trusted property manager, we know that many times residents and businesses run into plumbing issues. While some plumbing issues may be urgent, there are others that can wait. Slow drains or pull-up drain stoppers that are off their hooks can wait for normal business hours for repairs. But the following are issues are red-flag piping emergencies and need immediate attention, no matter the time or day.

  1. Flooded bathrooms

If water has flooded the floors of your bathroom from a tub or toilet overflow, or a faucet has been left on for some time, call us immediately. Flooded bathrooms can lead to serious floor and wall damage often times causing difficult mold issues.

  1. Broken pipes

Broken pipes can happen even in the newest of homes due to house shifting or corrosion. If you sense there is a broken pipe in your rental property do not hesitate to let us know immediately.

  1. Overflowing toilets

Overflowing toilets can cause a big headache. Most often they can be fixed with a simple plunger, while other times it takes much more than that. In some older properties, root systems from trees cause damaging blockages to plumbing and experts have to be called in to fix the problem. If you suspect a much larger issue with your overflowing toilet, call us right away.

  1. Gas line leaks

The most common way to detect a natural gas leak is by smell. If you smell gas, leave your unit immediately and call us right away. Do not try to fix the leak yourself. Do not use any electrical switches, appliances, telephones, motor vehicles, or any other sources of ignition such as lighters or matches. And do not assume that the issue has already been reported or that someone else will call. Underground gas leaks can be life threatening.

  1. Corroded pipes

If you notice the water flow from your faucets becoming slower or your noticing murkiness or cloudiness in your water, call us right away. These can be telltale signs that there may be a pipe issue, specifically with corrosion.

  1. Sewage leakage

If your sewer backs up or your basement gets flooded, call us immediately. Heavy rain, pipe corrosion or breakage can cause sewage to leak through the pipes. Not only is it gross, but can cause a messy cleanup afterwards.


If you run into any of these, do not hesitate to call us immediately. At Kodiak Properties, we are also accessible 24/7. If you have a problem after-hours, please call 306-522-6080 and you will be transferred to our switchboard that will be able to troubleshoot any emergencies or questions you may have.