Our Competitive Advantage

We are technology-based

Our web-based software tracks financials making it easier for the condominium boards to access accurate and up-to-date financials at anytime. This allows for an excellent track record with regard to the accounting function, timely and accurate financial reporting, budgets and investment advice.


From formal complaints to how many work calls each building receives, our robust software and hard-working staff tracks each and every call to ensure quality of service is held high. Reports can be generated at any time to ensure that you are kept informed.

Industry Contacts

Our background and expertise is in construction and project management. We have some of the best contacts in the industry to tackle any problem big or small at our fingertips.


Because our expertise is in the construction and building industry, we ensure that all our sub-trades are kept at a flat rate. This insures that you are getting the best service at the best price with no hidden mark ups. This type of fixed cost helps you manage fees without any surprises.

We are people too

The most important aspect of our business, is the human aspect. We understand that this is, after all, is a people business. We welcome the opportunity to prove ourselves to you.