• I want to let you and management know that your employees and contract employees have done every good work around our condos. I've noticed an improvement since the companies have changed. Kim is an amazing guy. He always says good morning, has helped me take my garbage out as I had a baby in my hands, he even made sure our water was properly shut off outside before the winter. The snow removal company always lets me and my two neighbours (we are all on maternity leave, or retired) let us move our vehicles out of their way so that they can proper clean our park spots as we are usually always home when they come. Please let the guys and girls know that their good work doesn't go unnoticed by us. Thank you!

    Alyson Wilson, Rockford Crossing Condo Corp
  • After a water problem at our condo building, we wanted to highlight the efficient and thorough workmanship of Kodiak in getting a plan in place for the three units affected (310, 210, Amenities Room).

    Special thanks to Jay (Kodiak) for getting the dehumidifiers working quickly; for getting Merit Carpet Cleaning on sight immediately, and for Kodiak to begin the process on contacting three companies for quotes to get the units fixed.

    Another thank you to Kyle for getting insurance answers for us and for his leadership in getting this problem handled as quickly as possible.

    Lois Kos, President Marian Gardens Condo Board
  • Thank you for everything you do for Eastgate Terrace Condo. We appreciate it.

    Dorothy, Eastgate Terrace Condo
  • After a disastrous water event at our property are very impressed with the Kodiak Bears. This was a day when I’m extremely thankful that we aren’t self managed.

    Kathy Bradford
  • I was at Albert Community School this week helping with the "Santa Store" - wrapping gifts for the kids etc. Couldn't help but notice many were sporting very sharp black bunny-hugs. I spotted your logo on them and the principal, Blair Litzenberger, mentioned that Kodiak had sponsored mitts, tuques and hoodies for all the kids and staff.

    I just wanted to say what a great initiative! I am very impressed with how community-minded the Kodiak team is and am happy to be working with you all.

    Thanks for all that you've done to support the transition of the Deveraux. Let's hope 2018 is smooth sailing!

    Catie Marsh