Condo Life. Does condo life suit you?

There are a many benefits to owning your own condo, however, along with the benefits, there can be unforeseen annoyances. If you are thinking about making a purchase in the near future, don’t forget to consider the ways condo living could affect your life for the good and the bad. Condo Fees Costs for the… Read more »

10 Energy Conservation Tips for the Summer

Here are 10 helpful tips to keep cool in the summer: 1. Try to operate the thermostat at the highest setting that is comfortable for you. 2. Exhaust fans in kitchens can be used to expel heat and moisture from your suite. 3. Close curtains when leaving your suite for extended periods. 4. Keep doors… Read more »


10 Ways to Conserve Energy for Condominium Owners:

Here are 10 helpful energy saving tips for all condominium owners. 1. Consider low wattage light bulbs and fluorescent lighting. 2. Repair leaking faucets by installing new washers. 3. Install a light dimmer – an incandescent light dimmed by 25% can save 10% on energy use and extend the life of the bulb. 4. Consider… Read more »


Pet Safety Info and Tips for Condo Owners

Many condominiums allow for pet friendly rentals. Here’s what you need to know to keep you and your pet safe: 1. Make sure the declaration or rules of a condo may prohibit pets, or regulate their type, number, and size. But even if dogs are prohibited by a declaration, this does not apply to dogs… Read more »

Kodiak Property Management Is Live

We’re pleased to announce our new website. Special thanks to Global Minds for the content and guidance, Command Base for the design and development of our website as well as the swanky Buildium integration. We’re looking forward to showing Regina what property management really looks like. Icons made by Madebyoliver from is licensed by… Read more »