Shorter Days, Cooler Nights

As we say good-bye to another summer, our days are shorter and nights become cooler. Here are 6 ways to keep warm in the cooler weather before winter hits us:

  1. Change your summer bedding to winter ones – Most Canadians have summer bedding (lighter, cooler fabrics) and winter bedding (heavier, flannel fabrics) designed to keep us warm and cozy at night. Now is the time to store away the lighter bedding and replace it with a heavier duvet to keep you warm at night.
  2. Prep your windows – Windows can let in a lot of cold and release a lot of heat. One tip is to investing in heavier curtains to help hold the heat in your apartment. Another is to install window films. They are easy to install and sold at most hardware stores.
  3. Get the Rugs Out – A simple rug in your home can help warm up any space. Your feet will thank you when you don’t have to walk across a cold wood floor. Rugs also hold in heat and help lower your heating bill.
  4. Cover your Outlets – This is something you may not think about but electrical outlets can produce a draft. Outlet covers are an easy way to keep you a little warmer inside, especially when temperatures fall below -20C.
  5. Program your Thermostat – Re-program your thermostat to warmer temperatures and reset the schedule so that it heats up when your home.
  6. Ceiling Fans – Switch the ceiling fans to turn in reverse. This helps retain heat in the room and circulates it without a cold draft.

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