Storage Ideas to Create Space in Your Home

It never seems to matter what size home you live in; there is never enough storage for all of your “stuff.” Most of the time it is not really a matter of lack of space but that the space you have needs to be properly utilized.


One way to create space, of course, is to downsize your belongings. If you have a big move coming up decide what really needs to be packed up and what can be donated or thrown in the garbage. Some items may have sentimental value but your high school gym shorts can probably go now.

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Storage Chest

Consider a storage chest in your living area as opposed to a sofa table. It is a great out of the way place to store things that may not otherwise have a home. You can keep bed linens in it if you do not have enough closet space or you can store your old photo albums. Whatever you decide to store inside, it will be out of the way but stored in an attractive piece of accent furniture. The top of the storage chest can be used to display family photographs.

Front Porch Bench

In order to avoid having jackets and mitts all over the couches in the living room, provide a place for them right at the front door. If you have room, a bench with storage bins in it is nice for storing all the outdoor clothing. If there is not room for a bench, keep the area tidy with organizing bins placed in the closet. This will help to keep everything need for the outdoors organized and out of the way.

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Storage Ottoman

If you are renting a smaller apartment it can be hard to have enough seating when you have small gatherings. A storage ottoman serves more than one purpose. It provides extra seating and you can store things you do not use every day out of the way. It is a great place to store board games or magazines.

Hanging Racks in the Kitchen

Cupboard space is one of the downsides to renting a smaller abode. There never seems to be enough cupboard space regardless of how big a kitchen is. One way to deal with this problem is to get wall hanging racks. You can get racks to hang pots and pans and also utensils. If spices take up too much room in the cupboard consider a wall mounted spice rack as well.

Bedroom Storage Cubbies

Whether it is your room or your child’s room…..there never seems to be space for all the “stuff” we tend to accumulate. Put some decorative storage cubbies in a corner for storage of items you may otherwise find on the floor. It is a nice way to organize things and decorate a room a little. Put all your lotions in a cubby and accent another with photographs or trinkets.

Even if you have a small, rented space, it is your space! Make it your own and be proud of keeping it tidy with these storage ideas.