Tips for Moving in the Fall

Are you are still confused whether to move in fall? Well, why not? The weather is mild; you do not have to deal with the hottest season (summer) or the coldest season (winter). Moreover, if you are looking to get lower offers from movers, fall is your best bet because spring and summer are the most expensive and the busiest time to move.

6 tips for moving in fall

Here are some important tips to successfully moving in fall:

  1. Label your boxes: One of the don’ts of moving is mixing different items in a single box. Moving is easier and stress-free when you neatly arrange your things according to their functions or purposes. For instance, putting your hair care products and your kitchen items in the same box is a big no-no! When you store similar items in a box and label them accordingly will make it faster and easier for you to find and unpack. Instead of piling all your boxes in the living room, you can put them in their appropriate places.
    Box Labels

  3. Clothing: Irrespective of the season, ensure to wear comfortable clothes during a move. As perfect as fall may seem, it can also be unpredictable. It is best that wear multiple layers of clothes so you can easily blend with the weather and temperature.
    Fall Clothes

  5. Transportation: Transportation is one of the best reasons to move in fall, you get lower prices in fall versus summer or spring which is the busiest time of the year. However, to get the best price ensure you do a market survey calling several transport providers to ask for their prices and compare them.
    Also note that moving truck rates are about supply and demand, so pick the best time of the month to move. People tend to move during the end of the month, to get a good bargain avoid moving during months end.
    Moving Truck

  7. Take out the leaves: Fall turns the scenery into a beautiful sight; the picturesque multicolored leaves make walking around the neighborhood enjoyable. Be wary though, it can be cumbersome when moving boxes to the truck. Make sure you clean or sweep to avoid slipping on leaves or branches.
    Bags of Leaves

  9. Set up your utilities in advance: Most people make the mistake of not setting their utilities in advance. It is so easy get carried away with the whole idea of moving into a new home, neighborhood, etc. that we forget the little but important things.
    Would you enjoy entering your new home and realizing you are going to freeze the whole night because the heater is not working? Trust me on this; you don’t want to experience that. Make sure you set up your utilities ahead of time. The earlier you set up your utilities, the better your chances of getting best deals.
    Light Bulbs Power

  11. Get your rain gear ready: Small rain showers are frequent in fall, ensure to get your rain gear at hand. You don’t want to get wet when you are trying to move. Be prepared, get your raincoat ready.
    Rain on the Pavement

  13. Make inquiries about the new schools in your new area: The disadvantage of moving in fall is not being able to start the school year. If you are parent or guardian, you can contact the new schools around you and ask information about the teachers, curriculum, etc. You can also request for materials to help your kids study in the meantime. Your kids might not like the idea of changing schools, to ensure a peaceful and smooth transition, discuss with your kids, make them understand the reasons for your actions.

New Schools after Moving
The fall is one of the best season to consider moving. You don’t need to worry about the heat of the summer or plan around vacation nor do you need to fret about cold conditions or wet snow mucking up your furniture.