Ways to Make Your Regina Apartment Feel More Like Home

A house is not a home until you make it one. If you have just made a move to Regina, Saskatchewan there are many things you can do as a tenant to make your rental property feel more like your own.

Hang Some MemoriesHome Sign

Apartments can be decorated in many ways depending on your style preferences but one thing that really makes a place feel like home is hanging some pictures on the wall. Of course, you will want permission from your landlord or you will have to find a way to display photos without adding holes to the wall. Pictures in decorative frames can always be put on a table or shelf for display.

Figure out the Neighborhood

The next thing you need to do to make your apartment feel more like home is to go out and take a walk around the neighborhood. See what is within walking distance of your new apartment. If you will be using public transit, map out your route. Find out where the closest grocery store is.

Stock Up

When you find a grocery store, stock up on the basics and get the kitchen in your new apartment set up. A place feels more like home when you can eat home cooked meals and not have to rely on takeout because your things are still packed. Once your kitchen is ready, decide which room is next.

Tackle Unpacking Room by Room

The bathroom is a good room to move on to so that you have everything ready to prepare for a day. Set up your toiletries and make sure you have clean towels. Add some extra touches to make it feel like home. Scented candles are a nice touch to make a place feel cozy and welcoming.

Revitalize the Outside

Make the outside of your apartment welcoming as well. Hang a wreath or seasonal decoration on your door. It lets the other tenants see that you are friendly and inviting and worth getting to know.

Meet and Greet

If you have not yet had the opportunity, make an effort to meet someone in charge of the property management. Introduce yourself and find out what the procedure is should anything be in need of repair. While you are at it, introduce yourself to your neighbors as well. A place always feels more like home if you have someone friendly in the near vicinity.

The Boxes

Once you have done all of that you are probably ready to tackle the mound of boxes you have not touched yet. Either go room by room or box by box until you have your belongings sorted and organized into their new homes.

Add Personalized knick Knacks

Once most of your things have been put away you can start adding a few more touches like plants and flowers to brighten up the place a little. You can also add splashes of color with area rugs and throw cushions that suit your style.

PlantsIt may have been an apartment when you started but now it is your new home in Regina so settle in and enjoy your stay.