Why Choose Kodiak Properties to Manage Your Property?

Here are a few reasons why we are the number one choice!

  1. At Kodiak Properties, we offer affordable condo management services backed by years of expert knowledge.
  2. Integrity, service to our residents above all else, commitment to excellence is what we offer to all new and existing clients.
  3. We understand the competitive industry and know how to stay ahead of the game.
  4. Our vacancy rates are better than the average while getting the best market rate without sacrificing quality of tenants.
  5. Potential residents must pass our rigorous screening process. We have the experience to locate qualified residents.
  6. We provide easy, accurate and monthly accounting reports.
  7. We offer extensive property inspections and enforce compliance. We handle any problems timely and professionally that may arise, including non-payment or other violations of the rental agreement.
  8. We ensure that your property is taken care of and all repairs are immediately addressed.
  9. A good property manager is a valuable part of your rental investment strategy and should help save you time and money.
  10. We let you have peace of mind.

Let Kodiak Properties¬†manage your rental property today! Contact us by calling 306-522-6080 or email¬†[email protected].