Why Should I Hire A Property Management Company?

The truth is, you aren’t paying property managers to collect monthly rent cheques, fix leaky faucets or manage neighbour squabbles. The true value of a property manager may be much more complex than you think. The value of their service is in risk mitigation, and that should also be your highest priority when it comes to renting out your property. Property managers reduce the liability for owners by functioning on highly efficient systems. These systems keep the property managers efficient, informed, and ready for emergencies, so that you’re protected.

Kodiak Property Management can handle multiple properties simultaneously, and we’ve developed efficient frameworks for each stage of the rental process. Thus, inspections and payments are always promptly processed so you don’t have to worry about your property.

When hiring a property management company, the best thing we can do for you is preventing legal conflicts. This is especially valuable because real estate laws in Saskatchewan are constantly changing setting new precedent and change the rules of the game. Kodiak Properties is always informed of the latest legislative changes surrounding rentals and property management laws. We are always informed.

Another reason to hire us as your property management company is that life is unpredictable. Sometimes unforeseen events that cause serious property damage are particularly problematic, because they are expensive and require immediate assistance. A homeowner might not have available cash on hand, or struggle to find a contractor who can be deployed immediately. That’s how Kodiak Properties can help. Because of our experience and background in the construction industry, we can count on our list of vendors and contractors in the area who are able to help 24/7.

Finally, by letting the professionals deal with the rent chasing, mid-night maintenance requests, and other sorts of issues will give you a peace of mind.

And yes… this applies to family members or friends moving into your property as well. It is much easier to let the property manager be the “bad guy” who’s requesting background checks and on-time rent to ensure you’re financially protected, rather than doing so yourself and potentially straining your relationships.

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