You might be a new property or condominium owner, or perhaps you have owned your condominium for a while, and you are interested in some general information about living in a condo. Or you have purchased a piece of real estate that can be difficult to fully understand, as the legal documents associated with these properties are complex, lengthy and rarely read by condo owners. Furthermore, the provincial legislature sometimes adds to the legal requirements that govern every condominium corporation in the province. At Kodiak Property Management, we make this easy for you by creating welcome packages that detail the essentials to make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities.


What does the Property Manager do for me?

We handle all common area issues/repairs etc. for the Corporation. We get quotes for work that needs to be completed. We deal with all concerns/complaints from owners and tenants. Refer to our contract below:

Arrange the effective and economical operation, maintenance, and repair of the common property and its equipment as may be required by the Corporation and to comply with the enforcement of any regulation and requirement of which the Manager is notified by the local board of Health, Police and Fire Department, any other municipal, provincial or federal authorities in the jurisdiction which affects the property and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, such arrangements shall include (where applicable to the property) removal of litter and disposal of waste, snow, and ice removal, landscaping and grounds maintenance, keeping of electrical wiring circuits and lighting fixtures in the common elements in good working order and arranging the necessary light bulbs, exterior painting, alterations and any other services necessary to keep the common elements in a neat, tidy and functional condition. Arrange for the supply of electricity, gas, water, telephone and other services.

What should I do if I have problems with my neighbours?

It may be possible that you have problems with your neighbour from time-to-time. Noise complaints, garbage disposal, or family conflicts can be worrisome. It is very possible that your neighbor is completely unaware of the noise being created. Just as neighbours in single-family homes realize, conflicts between neighbours are best dealt with neighbour to neighbour. Only after addressing the issue with your neighbour should, you turn to us for assistance. But if it escalates, The next step would be to communicate in writing with us which will forward your correspondence to the board for its review at the next board meeting or with the proper authorities.

Do I have to have insurance for my unit? Why?

The Corporation issues the buildings and common area. Owners have to have their own insurance to cover their contents, any betterments and improvements to the unit as well as have coverage for the master policy deductible.

How do I pay rent?

You pay your condo fees by Pre Authorized Debit. All fees are withdrawn on the first of the month.

How/where do I submit a maintenance request?

You can submit a Maintenance Request Form on our website or you can simply call or email your property manager.

What is the difference between PAD Form and a DWCF?

PAD is for monthly recurring charges. DWCF is for one time withdrawals.

How do I get reimbursed by the Condo Association?

There should be no need to get a reimbursement from the Corporation, however if you purchased something for the Corporation you would need to fill out a reimbursement form and send it back to us with the receipts.