Josh Babcock


Joshua Babcock, a Graphic Designer and Photographer from Regina, Saskatchewan, draws inspiration from the open prairies and dynamic skies of his hometown. His creative journey began in high school, leading him to excel in the Graphic Communications course at Saskatchewan Polytechnic, where he graduated with great distinction.

With a deep love for the outdoors, Joshua enjoys activities like golf, hockey, kayaking, and cross-country skiing. When not immersed in design and photography, he indulges in his second love: building and collecting Lego, a hobby that allows him to unleash his inner architect.

Believing in the power of visuals, Joshua’s work blends creativity, precision, and innovation. From eye-catching logos to marketing materials, he strives to bring clients’ visions to life. Photography is his constant companion, capturing the beauty of landscapes and preserving moments in time, adding depth to his creative pursuits.

Traveling fuels Joshua’s creativity, documenting experiences through his photography. His multifaceted life contributes to a well-rounded perspective, infusing richness into his projects. Passionate about delivering excellence, he invites collaboration and exploration of new horizons in both design and photography.