Logan Fraser


Logan, eldest of four siblings, grew up in Regina with a diverse range of interests, from sports to camping. After earning a Business Administration Certificate from the University of Regina in 2005, he embarked on a dynamic career spanning sales, project management, marketing, and professional development.

Throughout roles with prominent organizations like the Saskatchewan Roughriders, Logan honed his entrepreneurial spirit. Alongside his wife, he founded Kargan Properties (now Kodiak) and became an active investor in both real estate and early-stage tech startups, exemplified by his latest venture, Hometeam Live sports.

Dedicated to giving back, Logan serves on several boards, including the Canadian Condominium Association and Regina Crime Stoppers. His leadership prowess and knack for building successful sales teams have marked him as a serial entrepreneur and a driving force behind organizational growth.

Balancing his thriving career with family life, Logan finds fulfillment in raising three children with his wife, Karleen. A relentless pursuit of excellence defines Logan’s approach to both professional and personal endeavours.