Neil Brown

Maintenance Manager

Meet Neil Brown, a Regina native with a colorful past and a thirst for adventure. From lifeguard to licensed pawnbroker, Neil’s journey has been anything but ordinary. Despite facing adversity, including near-death experiences, he’s emerged stronger and more resilient.

Neil’s love for music, inherited from his theater-loving father, finds its home in East Coast kitchen party songs. His athletic pursuits, from football to powerlifting, showcase his determination and strength. Now, as a skilled welder and fabricator, Neil channels his creativity into crafting unique metal fire pits and yard art.

Outside of work, Neil enjoys camping, fishing, and water activities, earning him the nickname “Big Bear” since his Boy Scout days. His dedication extends to martial arts, where he’s close to achieving his black belt after years of practice. Above all, Neil cherishes his role as a devoted father and husband, celebrating 20 years of marriage with his supportive wife and raising two sons.