You might be a fairly new property or condominium owner, or perhaps you have owned your condominium for a while and you are interested in some general information about living in a condo. Or you have purchased a piece of real estate that can be difficult to fully understand, as the legal documents associated with these properties are complex, lengthy and rarely read by condo owners. Furthermore, the provincial legislature sometimes adds to the legal requirements that govern every condominium corporation in the province. At Kodiak Property Management, we make this easy for you by creating welcome packages that detail the essentials to make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities.

What are my responsibilities as an owner?

Property ownership offers many benefits, but at the same time there are a number of responsibilities. For example, there’s a mistaken belief that living in a condominium means you have no responsibility for the common area or anything outside of your unit. But every condominium property requires a board of directors to lead the corporation, which the owners elect. Most corporations struggle to find new board members to replace those who move away or want to leave the board due to other life commitments. The great thing about owning a condo, however, is that you can share the load of property ownership, which includes caring for the value of your asset such as the common areas, the grounds and everything outside of the units. At Kodiak Property Management, we help secure all the information you need to know about property maintenance in an easy to use manual. From your first day as property owner to every day responsibilities, we help break it down for you.

What should I do if I have problems with my neighbors?

It may be possible that you have problems with your neighbor from time-to-time. Noise complaints, garbage disposal, or family conflicts can be worrisome. It is very possible that your neighbor is completely unaware of the noise being created. Just as neighbors in single-family homes realize, conflicts between neighbors are best dealt with neighbor to neighbor. Only after addressing the issue with your neighbor should you turn to us for assistance. But if it escalates,
The next step would be to communicate in writing with us which will forward your correspondence to the board for its review at the next board meeting or with the proper authorities.

What does the management company do? Does it work for me?

The following is a brief list of some of the responsibilities of the management company:

Maintenance issues: Coordinating maintenance requests and the needs of the corporation, such as obtaining bids. It is available to dispatch repair personnel on a variety of levels, access and assess vendors and provide after-hours emergency maintenance.

Accounting: Collecting monthly dues, processing payable items to vendors and producing monthly financial statements for the board.

Administrative: Performing administrative functions, such as communication issues like notices to owners, distributing minutes or other items and writing violation letters to owners.

General: Guidance and resources for the corporation board in a number of areas.

Maintenance: Why are some items repaired and others not?

Figuring out who is responsible for the maintenance of different components of your property can be confusing. It is defined in your declaration, bylaws and the provincial law or in your rental agreement. In some cases, the law prevails, while in others the documents guide the decision. It’s best to discuss each situation with your site supervisor or directly with us at Kodiak Property Management.

What should I do in an emergency situation?

If your life or the life of your family is in danger, call 9-1-1 immediately.

An emergency is a situation in which there is a current or imminent threat to personal safety or property from a common area source.

For all other emergencies not deemed life threatening, please visit our Contact page or call the site supervisor immediately and follower their instructions. A detailed report may be filled out afterwards for insurance purposes. Your cooperation with the report is required as part of the tenant / rental / unit management agreement.

Do I need to buy my own insurance coverage?

While most corporations do not require owners to purchase their own insurance policies for their units, at Kodiak Property Management it is strongly recommended. As an owner, you will be well advised to consult with your insurance agent about getting condominium unit insurance.