Thayne Giroux


Thayne spent 13 years working all across Western Canada in the Oil & Gas Industry before shifting into property management. He has been with Kodiak since the company’s conception in the summer of 2016. During that time he has held many different roles, but for the past 3 years, he has found much joy and personal success in the Maintenance Division as a Maintenance Technician.  
He enjoys the variety of both the predictable routine jobs that take place each week, along with the challenges of overcoming unexpected or complex issues that regularly occur in this industry. Most of all, he enjoys working directly with Kodiak’s wide array of customers and appreciates the rewarding feeling he gets when the customer is satisfied and thankful for his work. 
In his spare time, Thayne is usually found at the motocross track racing with his oldest son, or at some sort of sports facility in Regina either spectating or coaching his youngest son.